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Traffic cameras are a convenient way to monitor the movement of cars & control public order. With their help, it is possible to respond to critical situations quickly, notice fugitive criminals, & inform drivers about traffic jams nearby. Thanks to these opportunities, civil servants & police structures implement traffic cameras in order to preserve the safety & comfort of citizens on the roads.

But not everything is so smooth with their use. Many surveillance programs can’t transmit the visibility of high-resolution. It also becomes a challenge to perform transcoding, so it is impossible to see traffic cameras on the web and mobile simultaneously. Some even refuse to work. Because of that, it becomes difficult to control city roads.

But how to fix it & simplify the use of traffic cameras maintaining high-quality video? It will pleasant for police & government to start using WINK Streaming.



WINK Streaming is a program that allows to connect any video cameras & display their visibility in high resolution. It also can export or share information instantly with an easy traffic camera transcoding for viewing on any web & mobile devices.

The application is fully compatible with the Genetec Security Center & Omnicast, available in the form of hardware, virtual device or cloud streaming. It also works with existing VMS’s.



The advantages of WINK Streaming include three aspects:

1. Security & Surveillance

The company’s solution offers to scale traffic cameras from a small highway to a city, region or nationwide deployment. Thanks to the standard support for unicast, multicast & hybrid networks, the application is able to work in deployment to any level. WINK Streaming supports industry standard protocols & a number of custom protocols & codecs.

2. Easy Traffic Camera Transcoding

The program offers high-quality solutions for traffic camera transcoding & encoding in real time & with low latency. The systems provide a wide range of protocols & codecs, including the latest H264, H265, HEVC, VP1, AV1 & a wide range of legacy protocols.

It is also possible to provide encoding from outdated analog devices to modern HDMI & SDI inputs, & WINK Streaming innovations for traffic camera transcoding can be used for almost any type of video surveillance, including unicast & multicast transmission of UDP & RTP, RTMP, RTSP, HLS, MPEG-Dash, SRT, WebSockets & WebRTC.

3. Content Delivery

For global coverage & global data centers, the program network is optimized to meet all needs, so that traffic cameras & working with them will bring maximum benefits.

Content delivery is available through a range of solutions, including BGP mailing, DNS-based geolocation-combined with local delivery from vast regions around the world. A number of hybrid points of presence allow users to enjoy the benefits of a global network with low latency.

It was created specifically for working with WINK Streaming products & services. It allows the company to provide the best comprehensive solution for encoded & transcoded live broadcasts.



The company released many applications for all people’s needs, but the best option to work with traffic cameras is WINK Forge – Live Video Transcoder.

Why this app?

It features a wide range of transcoding & IP encoding solutions including:

  • traffic cameras
  • live gambling
  • live auctions
  • horse racing
  • city monitoring
  • IPTV
  • hotel
  • in-room entertainment
  • video management system interoperability & sharing

Because of these pros, police & city employee access will become easier & more convenient because it will be able to control & apply traffic cameras on the web and mobile with a simplified way of transcoding.



Monitoring the streets & roads to maintain law & order is not an easy job. But with WINK Streaming it turned to be more uncomplicated. So, if you plan to upgrade security & surveillance with minimal difficulties & maximum revenues, this link will be a one step forward to make it come true. Thus, you will be able to protect yourself & citizens from unexpected accidents & make your city a safer place.

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