Camera Sharing


As the world keeps developing, technology is progressively becoming more enhanced. This is superb, as innovative ideas are making life easier, accessible, and in our case, safer. Here at WINK Streaming, we thrive on making the world a safer place. Because of this, we’ve created a comprehensive yet simple traffic camera sharing and transcoding solution.

The significance of both of these is becoming increasingly more as each day passes by. The array of benefits, day-to-day people, businesses, and law enforcement can gain is immense, and we’re incredibly excited to get into this topic.

Nonetheless, before we hop into the benefits of acquiring a traffic camera sharing and transcoding solution, let’s first discuss what it generally is. 

What is traffic camera sharing?

If you’re not aware of what traffic camera sharing is, it’s the ability to share video from a traffic camera (CCTV) to a mobile or desktop device. For many people and industries, having accessibility to this is vital. The sheer data that traffic cameras withhold is enormous, and gaining remote access to the video is even more significant.

The primary purpose of traffic camera sharing is so you can analyse traffic, plan routes, increase the safety of others, and it’s an excellent crime deterrent. People in the law enforcement or security industry can gain a mass of advantages.

For example, if you’re transporting a high authority governs body or anyone else of high status that requires special transportation to ensure their safety. Then traffic camera sharing enhances that person’s protection. Here, they’ll gain access to traffic camera video that is transcoded into bitesise files, so they run smoothly on mobile and desktop devices. While the high-status person is being transported, police or a security team can monitor their location and route to ensure the subject is delivered hassle-free.

This is a very extreme example of how traffic camera sharing can benefit certain people. However, it can also massively help everyone else, as it can enhance route planning, traffic analysis, and much more.

What’s the importance of traffic camera transcoding?

Something else that is highly important is transcoding. Typically traffic camera sharing includes large files sizes, which result in the content being unviewable on low-powered devices like a mobile. However, at WINK Streaming, we specialise in transcoding and offer traffic camera transcoding within our solution.

From having this, we can minimise the file sizes of traffic camera video and allow users to freely watch the content on low-powered devices and even the cloud. The cloud feature is by far the most prominent, as you’re able to access video anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances, which is ideal for people on the go.

Will seeing traffic cameras on the web and mobile benefit you?

Now you understand what traffic camera sharing and traffic camera transcoding is. Let’s dive into whether or not you’ll receive benefits from having access to this data on the web or mobile.

1.Traffic analysis

It’s evident that seeing traffic cameras on the web and mobile can aid someone with traffic analysis. By showing our traffic camera sharing and transcoding solution, people can collect data about traffic, monitor the safety of others, and help with transportation.

A good example of traffic analysis is specialised shipments. For instance, when people decide to move their entire homes to another location. This requires a lot of planning around traffic analysis as the shipment is normally hazardous and oversized. By analysing traffic through a web or mobile device, the transportation business can ship the house during quieter times to help decrease inconvenience and minimise risk.

From the above, you can develop a better understanding of how much traffic camera sharing can really benefit many people and industries.


We briefly mentioned that traffic camera sharing could enhance safety, but how exactly? The whole purpose of traffic cameras or CCTV is to remotely monitor specific areas of the world without having to be there. This helps deter criminals away from that location, and from this, the public also feels much safer.

In today’s world, many protests and riots run through the streets of many major cities. Although there will be additional safety measurements to ensure protection in that physical location, having access to traffic camera video which is transcoded remotely is ideal. Here, you can see the actions of others from a safe, remote, and completely different location.

3.Route planning

Including the above, you can also plan routes a lot better and efficiently. Through various practices like traffic analysis, you’re able to plan ahead of time to ensure you have the most effective route. Here, you’ll be able to monitor traffic regularly throughout each day of the week and see when the specific area is busy and when it’s not. From achieving this, you can then plan seamless routes that ensure you’re not stuck in traffic.

Because the traffic camera transcodes instantly into smaller files, you’re able to view traffic cameras on the web and mobile. Due to this, you can view the route while on the road, meaning if any traffic jams occur, you’ll be able to see what’s happening and act accordingly.

4.Decision making

Traffic camera sharing and transcoding can also help with decision making. Because you’re able to access files anywhere in the world through our cloud-compatible feature, you’re able to share, analyse, and re-watch the video.

If an accident has occurred that requires a court, this video footage could aid the judge’s decision making. This is superb and helps with all disputes that are caught on camera. To give you a better visualisation of how powerful video footage is in this situation, take these situations into consideration, crash disagreements, fraud, false claims, and a lot more. All require the court to refer back to video footage.

5.Crime deterrent

Including the above, there’s one more dominant feature that traffic camera sharing and transcoding have. This is that it’s a huge crime deterrent. From having easily accessible traffic camera live footage, criminals won’t be able to undergo crime as easily. Because of this, it’ll reduce the rate of crime, as catching people in the act will become progressively easier.  

With the cloud-sharing feature, you can store, send, and view traffic cameras sharing footage from wherever you are in the world. This is excellent, and it undoubtedly reduces the amount of crime that occurs.

As you can see, there are various reasons why having access to traffic cameras on the web and mobile is extremely essential. It’ll help many industries in various job roles. With this, you’re able to plan much further ahead of schedule without having to go to a specific location.

Many people working from home nowadays make it a superb feature to start implementing into a business or law enforcement. This way, people can view and analyse video footage wherever they are in the world.

But why should you choose WINK Streaming as your traffic camera sharing and transcoding solution?

Why WINK Streaming is your solution

After becoming knowledgeable on the above, it can quickly become apparent that traffic camera sharing is something many people and industries can benefit from. But why should you choose us as your video sharing and traffic camera transcoding solution? Here’s why:

  • Transcription – Our transcription is second to none. With this feature, we’re able to convert large and bulky traffic footage into small manageable files to ensure you can watch them anywhere on low-powered devices. The files transcribed can also be accessible via the cloud, meaning you don’t have to be location dependant to gain access to your footage.


  • Experience – We’ve been a part of the industry since 2006, and our goal was to create remarkable transcoding solutions, which we’ve achieved. We’ve worked with a broad range of industries during the years of being founded, and we’re ready to start implementing our system into your business.


  • Compatibility – Our streaming and transcription platform can be implemented in most already-built systems. We created a compatible system to ensure we can provide our solutions to a vast number of businesses, no matter their system type.


  • High-end – We take pride in knowing we only offer high-end systems, but safety is something we take extreme care of. We understand that your traffic footage may be private and confidential. Because of this, we offer a range of protocols and codes including, HEVC, VP1, AV1, H265, H264, to ensure your footage is safe.


  • Diversity – Including the above, we’re incredibly diverse. This is because you’re able to watch your shared footage on mobile, web, desktop, and pretty much any device due to its small-file types.



As you can see from the above, the benefits you can receive from traffic camera sharing and the appropriate transcoding solution is vast. Without a doubt, a system like this is something all businesses owners should consider implementing into their company.

Now you understand more about traffic camera sharing and how transcoding can help with accessibility, will you be considering this system?